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Alvin Lutz

XAT's second sniper, Alvin, or Al for short, is somewhat the opposite of Brad, as he appears to be a laid-back and carefree individual. Although he is also much more aggressive. He's one of the team members protecting Hermann and Amanda while XAT is being destroyed by Wolf, and stays behind them before reaching the helipad to fend off the Amalgams' attacks. Killed by Wolf, he accepts his blood and is revived as a Demoniac, aiding his former leader with complete obedience until he almost kills Amanda and Hermann. When he remembers what was done to him and XAT, he turns on and kills Wolf. He does not reunite with his friends, choosing instead to die alone by blowing his head off with his rifle.


Al's Amalgam Form

While well versed as a sniper, Al is far more precise and deadly as a sharp-shooting Demoniac. His armour is dark purple and he has curved horns on his head, plus a single yellow eye that occupied most of his face. His rifle was directly linked to his right arm, assuming a bio-mechanical appearance in the process. He has three dog tags around the barrel of his rifle; probably his, Brad's and Lena's.

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