Joseph in his Amalgam form


The Demoniac symbol on Joseph's hand

Amalgams are one of the main villians in the Blassreiter Series. In the first season they are the main enemy of the organization XAT and Joseph Jobson. Their objective is not made clear; instad they are usually seen attacking random people and causing destruction. Amalgams typically attack on their own, rarely working in teams. They are described by Joseph as mechanized monsters. They were created by Joseph's older sister, Sasha Jobson.

Transformation Edit


One of the first Amalgams seen in the Anime

The transformation from living being to Amalgam is rather severe. Originally they were dead human flesh transformed into a monster that searched to kill, but living creatures can also be infected. A living creature can be infected by coming into contact with Amalgam blood or by getting injured by it or by taking a special pill designed by Xargin and Beatrice. The early stages of the infection taking over the body induces powerful hallucinations capable of nearly driving the host to madness. Once they finally snap their transformation into an Amalgam is complete.


Every Amalgam has different abilites. Most Amalgams have some sort of weapon to protect themselves and fight with: Joseph uses a whip that can transform into a sword, Gerd uses two dagger like weapons, etc. Amalgams are also capable of fusing with nearly anything and using it as a weapon.


BLASSREITER by kotori toi

Gerd's Amalgam form

The design of the Amalgam are similar that of a robot and have often been mistaken as robots by those unfamiliar with the series.

Nameless Amalgams have similar appearances. Only named Amalgams (such as Jospeh, Gerd, Xargin, etc.) have much variance from the base design.

Well known AmalgamsEdit

Joseph Jobson

Hermann Saltza

Gerd Frentzen

Malak Yildrim Werner

Magwald Xargin

Wolf Goring

Beatrice Grese


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