Amanda Werner
Amanda Uniform
Voiced by Shizuka Itō (Japanese)

Jamie Marchi (English)

Age 26
Gender Female
Occupation XAT Paladin

Amanda Werner is a female officer of XAT. She is Hermann's partner, and Malek's adoptive sister. She is hesitant in her orders to kill Blue/Joseph, and after Malik is turned into a Demoniac, attempts to stop XAT from killing him. When almost all XAT officers and civilian personnel were killed or turned to Amalgams, Amanda was one of two human survivors along with Hermann, and the only one to apparently save herself when the helicopter that the helicopter used in their escape was destroyed. She was later admitted into Zwölf and offered a role as an operative, although she accepted only for Malik's sake, proudly stating that so long someone from XAT lived, XAT itself continued to exist. During the chaos that preceded Xargin's assault, she stormed Zwölf's HQ with Hermann and rescued Malik, turning to her aunt for protection and shelter. She stayed there when Joseph went to his doomed fight with Xargin, and in the years later she managed to rebuild XAT, serving as an instructor to the new task force. Following Joseph's death, after the end of the series, she becomes the new pilot of GARM and thus Elea's partner. While Amanda is an ordinary human, she shows a high degree of experience in firearms and melee fights similar to her former colleagues. Also, after the destruction of XAT, she becomes the pilot of her team's lone remaining Paladin, which is embedded with the names of her deceased friends as a memento of their sacrifice.


Amanda has characteristic pink hair, a curvaceous body, and extremely large breasts.  When on duty, Amanda wears the standard XAT uniform and ties her hair up in a curl and sometimes leaves her uniform unzipped, revealing ample cleavage.  When home or off-duty, Amanda lets down her hair and changes into form-fitting clothes with a black bra and a see-through shirt, long white pants, and red high heels.